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Caboo carrier slipping down

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OrangeMochaFrappucino Thu 24-Apr-14 16:29:22

I have the Caboo carrier for my newborn - he's only little at two weeks old and I think about 7lbs now. He's very snuggly and I have a 3yo so I really want the sling to work out as it could make our lived much easier! The problem is that I can't seem to get the cross to sit low enough on my back and consequently the baby slips down on my front - not far but enough that I really have to bend my neck to kiss the top of his head.

At the moment it doesn't matter too much as he has plenty of room to breathe and seems very comfortable. But I had the same problem with the Wilkinet with my first baby and as he got heavier, my back started to ache as he would always slip too far down my front and I pretty much gave up on the sling altogether.

Has anyone else had this problem with the Caboo?

thereisnoeleventeen Fri 25-Apr-14 19:42:44

I've had to faff about to get comfortable with new slings before and have found some good tutorials on You tube, sometimes seeing instructions other than the ones that come with the sling helped this one is good, her baby ends up at a good height, it might help?

captaincake Sat 05-Jul-14 12:17:36

I had this problem. It turned out I needed to put it on tighter before putting baby in.

SweetTeaVodka Fri 25-Jul-14 08:41:10

Sounds like the sling isn't tight enough. I find with the stretchy material ones I always have to have it tighter than I initially think will be necessary before popping baby in to accommodate for the slack and stretch in the material.

SweetTeaVodka Fri 25-Jul-14 08:42:27

Oh, a good way to test id it's tight enough when baby is in the sling is to press ypur hand gently into their back, if they seem to uncurl/straighten then it's too loose.

Bankholidaybaby Thu 31-Jul-14 09:52:44

I found it had to be much tighter than I initially expected, and that it was helpful to start off with the cross quite high up so that when it moved it would settle in the right place.

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