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Toddler carrier for a Manduca lover

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Spindelina Tue 25-Mar-14 10:16:38

I love my Manduca. I like the padded straps and the big waist band. DD doesn't mind riding quite low and looking out sideways. What toddler SSC should I get?

- ABC Tried on at sling meet. Straps dug in horribly in my armpits. Don't know why - I like my straps padded - maybe a fit issue?
- Connecta Also tried on at sling meet. Arms comfortable, but missed the big waistband. They didn't have the lumbar support, but I would certainly buy it and use it all the time. Would that make it fiddly?
- Tula Haven't tried it on, but on paper looks great.
- Anything else?

pootlebug Tue 25-Mar-14 13:31:20

How old is your little one?

I think you'll like the Tula. It is v big though - my just turned 2 year old is still too small for it to fit properly. Also look at the KiBi which is pretty new to the UK market but very adjustable - it was pretty comfy with my 6 year old!

Spindelina Tue 25-Mar-14 19:05:27

Thanks pootlebug. She's 20 months - fits in the Manduca for now but I like an excuse for a purchase!

I bought the Manduca blind, and I can see myself going the same way with the Tula. I shall check out the KiBi though - haven't heard of it before.

thereisnoeleventeen Wed 26-Mar-14 09:36:39

I have Tulas, I've really enjoyed them (baby first then progressed to a toddler when DS grew). I am a padded strap and thick waist band fan too, I also like the fact that there is such a huge range on the straps, they go in nice and tight on me (even when I was a size 10) but DH could still use them over his coat. The quality is lovely too.

The other one I'd like to try is a kinderpack, not sure how padded etc they are but they are meant to be really comfortable. I think they are a bit harder to get hold of though.

JuniperTisane Thu 27-Mar-14 09:35:11

I have a Manduca and I'm renting a Tula at the moment. I find the Tula more comfortable and DH who is beanpole-skinny prefers the Manduca, says it fits better for him. I am medium sized and curvy and I find the Tula fits to my torso better as the Tula has curved shoulder straps which contour to me.

I am interested in the KiBi now. Haven't come across that one before.

ThoughSheBeButLittle Thu 27-Mar-14 09:40:55

I liked the Tula but when dd got too big for the standard she was still too small for the toddler size (about 19 months).

Through a Facebook group I found out about Madame GooGoo carriers and had one made in the size I needed. It cost £110 inc post iirc, I was able to specify firmness of waistband/length of straps etc.

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