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Back carry, 14mo what's best?

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tantrumtime Tue 25-Mar-14 07:11:22

I want to carry DS 14 months on my back now, it's starting to hurt when he's on my front. I've got a stretchy sling that he loves and a willkinet that I've never really got on with. I was thinking of investing in an ergo but don't think I'll use it enough, same with a littlelife ultralight. Could a mei tai work do you think?
I could use my pushchair but I like having my hands free for 2yo DD who insists on walking everywhere.

pootlebug Tue 25-Mar-14 13:34:28

Are you near a sling meet or sling library where you can go and try some things? There is a lot of choice...

You might find you use it more than you think. A decent carrier is still very useful even when they're quite big....they set off walking, you shove the carrier in a bag, and get it out when/if they get tired. Beats pushing an empty buggy for half the day.

if you choose an Ergo, beware the huge amount of fakes floating around on Ebay and elsewhere. A mei tai would work, but be aware that there are good mei tais, and less good ones (including some floating around on ebay etc where the stitching and construction is just not fit for purpose, to the point of endangering the child's safety).

wimblehorse Tue 25-Mar-14 13:36:19

I have rented a toddler babies in space carrier from It's a sling thing. They have lots of different ones. Haven't tried it yet but for £8 a week (plus deposit) thought would be a good chance to try one out as tricky to get to a slingmeet due to work...

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