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Tandem carry with twins--best ssc?

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Linguaphile Sat 22-Mar-14 08:25:37

I've been doing tandem with my twins in two Connecta carriers for the past few months and love the carriers. However, my girls are tall, and I'm thinking I might need to move to a toddler carrier in the next few months as they won't be knee to knee in the connectas for much longer.

Any recommendations for good ssc's to do tandem toddler carries? My solarweaves are great, but I don't think they'll give enough support to carry two toddlers comfortably. I am 6'0 and a UK size 8/10.

Linguaphile Sat 22-Mar-14 08:34:11

Oh, and my girls are 6.5 months old, 25th centile for weight, 91st for height.

thereisnoeleventeen Mon 24-Mar-14 10:01:08

Connecta do a toddler version, although at 6.5 months old I would have thought that your twins should still fit the standard version.

Have you got a sling meet near you? You could go along and try some other slings.

There are some pictures on the natural mamas website of tandem carries that might give you some ideas... link here most of them mix it up and have two different carriers.

FrumiousBandersnatch Mon 24-Mar-14 23:05:19

My DD is 7.5mo and also 91st centile, and has plenty of room in the connecta yet. I'd honestly be surprised if your DTs outgrew it before they turned one.

See if you can get a look at a toddler connecta. They are pretty big and tbh I think you'd be rolling the waistband and cinching the base for a good while before they grew into it.

Connectas are probably the best ssc for tandem carries as they are so much less bulky than many of the others. You could try woven wraps, or a wrap / ssc combo?

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