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Best option for 25lbs+?

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cloggal Tue 18-Mar-14 23:03:32

Asking on behalf of DH, who loved having DS in a structured carrier for walks. I used a wrap sling but he is very wriggly in it and between my very large chest and this, we stopped using it a couple of months ago.

He's almost outgrown his carrier and I'm looking for something that DH can take DS in when we go for a walk (DS not walking yet, he's only nine months, but a big boy). Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Only1scoop Tue 18-Mar-14 23:05:43

We used Phil and Teds metro dd loved it.

cloggal Tue 18-Mar-14 23:10:55

Meant to add that in was looking at the Tula Toddler and Beco 3G, but am very open to any suggestion, thanks

cloggal Wed 19-Mar-14 00:11:49

Thanks onky1scoop - will check that one out!

LondonLancashireRose Wed 19-Mar-14 00:27:12

My DS is 11 months and about 25lbs and we are currently trying a beco soleil that we hired from our local sling library.
Both DH and I have found it very comfortable and I think we will buy one. I particularly like that you can wear the straps crossed over across your back. I think the weight limit is 45lbs.
I asked for the tula toddler carrier at the sling library and it was ginormous!

pootlebug Wed 19-Mar-14 14:59:42

The toddler tula will be way too big. It is much more about height than weight, and although officially it is 18 months + it is still too big to fit my about-to-turn-2-year-old properly (she is average size).

The Manduca, Boba 3G/4G and Beco Soleil or standard Tula should all work well. Are you near a sling library to try some?

cloggal Wed 19-Mar-14 15:17:48

Thanks so much for this, I've been looking into a sling library today. I will be able to go along even if DH can't, and it would be great after all if the carrier could work for us both. I realise I got two of the slings confused, the boba and beco were the others we had looked at.

I haven't heard of Manduca, poodle, will look that one out!

januaryJump Sat 12-Apr-14 00:00:07

We started using the Ergo at 6mo and still use it now at 16mo, DS is now 26lb. Both DH and I have found it to be very comfortable for forward carry even with a growing toddler and have been using the back carry recently too (as DS wants to see forward more easily) and it's been very good.

I think a style like the Ergo would work very well, even if you didn't get the Ergo itself, as I know a lot of people who like Ergo/Ergo-style also recommend Manduca, Beco, Boba and I remember one beginning with R but don't remember the whole name (sorry!).

januaryJump Sat 12-Apr-14 00:00:57

Oh, Connecta! Not an R after all...

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