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Pls help me find a sling for 4 month old to sleep in a cradle position

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Hotmad Mon 17-Mar-14 16:44:00

Hey my almost 4 month old who is a big baby too seems to only want to nap on me no matter what I try so I thought maybe a sling?
I would like easiest possible to put on and maybe so I can wear her in a cradle position as that's how she sleeps on me... Any tips most welcome?
Also I looked in to sling library and there are none in my surrounding area

pootlebug Wed 19-Mar-14 07:43:05

You might find she is happier to sleep on you upright in a sling, even if she picks a cradle position normally.

It is possible to do a safe cradle position in a sling, but it is much much more tricky than a safe upright position. An unsafe cradle position means the baby curls up too much and this can compromise their lung capacity....i.e. worst case scenario they stop breathing. I'm sorry that sounds dramatic and I'm not trying to scaremonger but in the vast majority of cases upright is safer.

I am a sling consultant and sling library owner and would never advocate a cradle position unless there was a very specific need for it, and even then I would want a one-to-one consultation with the parents to make sure that they have had plenty of chance to practice how to do it safely.

I know some manufacturers still suggest cradle as a possible position, but many no longer do, for the reasons outlined above.

Bryzoan Wed 19-Mar-14 07:58:11

As the mum of a three year old who is about to have her second set of surgeries for hip dysplasia I'd also caution against the cradle hold in a sling as it does not support healthy hip development. Here are some guidelines which might help you from the international hip dysplasia institute.

Most babies seem to sleep well in the upright hold so worth borrowing a wrap or structured carrier to try if you can, but please make sure it is hip friendly. Their bones are still forming and they are so vulnerable.

Hotmad Wed 19-Mar-14 08:26:09

Wow thanks for that information, ok so I understand what you both say and I will look into upright position slings, can you recommend one that is super duper easy to use?

callamia Wed 19-Mar-14 08:32:11

I've been using an ergo since my son was three months and it's very easy and he sleeps in it brilliantly (when he's not to distracted and excited by the sky, other people, a wall etc). We've also got a Mai tei which is softer and lighter - good for around the house and warmer days. I've got quite a hefty baby (20lbs at five months), and both work well for me in terms of carrying him without straining my back.

Bryzoan Wed 19-Mar-14 13:33:26

I am completely in love with my Boba 3G. My son has been happy in it since around 4 months. It has a high back which gives lots of support, a hood and stirrups to keep the leg support good as they grow - my 3 yr old still goes in it when she gets the chance! But different carriers seem to work well for different people, so try a few if you get the chance others to look out for include the ergo, manduca and beco butterfly.

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