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AIBU - ABC Carrier?

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BobandBenway Mon 17-Mar-14 16:13:27

I recently bought an ABC carrier and loved it, although it didn't seem to fit "neatly" over my baby's bum! I've since had an e-mail from the place I bought it from to say that there was a problem with the tension in the straps, and although ABC are assuring them that the carrier is still safe to use, if I wanted to I could return the carrier, and then they will send me out a new one.

However, I was a bit hmmm about this, and am wondering if it's just me - AIBU??

I was annoyed at the way they e-mailed and didn't explain / reassure me that the carrier was indeed still safe to use if a problem has been identified (why were they shipped if there was a problem / poor quality control? and how do they know they are safe? What tests have they done to ensure this?)

Secondly, I feel it is unreasonable to expect me to return the faulty carrier first, wait till they receive it and then wait on them sending me out one that isn't faulty! It means I'll be without a sling for a few days. Or is this reasonable? I suppose I'm just a bit shocked that the e-mail wasn't "look, we're really sorry that there's a problem with the sling you bought from us..."!

Anyway, I did e-mail them to put these points to them, and they replied (days later!) to say they were only the distributor and that they do have to follow the manufacturers policy and that is to first collect the carriers and then send out a replacement.

Is this reasonable? Am I over-reacting, or would you be a bit miffed too?

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