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Sling/carrier recommendation for use from newborn

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superoz Tue 25-Feb-14 12:44:57

I'm looking for a sling or carrier to use with my dc2 who will be 1 month old next week.
I am mainly going to use it for the school run as dc1 is within walking distance of school, and also trips on the bus into town as our pushchair is rather large and unwieldy.
Has anyone got any recommendations? It will need to be quick and easy to put on in the morning without faffing around . I should think I need to wear my coat over it so not too bulky? Or is there one I could wear over a coat?
I do have a Huggababy sling from a few years ago with dc1 but there is a lot of material and I'm quite petite so found dc never seem to be that secure in it. There seem to be so many available now I'm baffled by the choice.

PurplePidjin Tue 25-Feb-14 12:55:05

I would avoid the narrow based carriers like Baby Bjorn, Tomy, Chicco etc as they don't hold the baby in the best position to support their spine and hips. Any carrier that suggests facing the baby forward is also not optimal for this, plus facing outwards can throw your centre of gravity out making you more likely to trip or fall.

Stretchy types like Moby (a long piece of thick t shirt material) or Close Caboo (same fabric but has rings to make it easier to put on/off) are perfect for tiny babies - they act as an extra layer so you don't need a snow suit even in very cold weather, just a hat and some thick socks over their indoor clothes then you can wrap your coat around you both. Once they're tied on in the morning, you can leave it on and just pop baby in and out as necessary.

Buckle carriers with a wide base like Manduca, Beco, Ergo, Rose and Rebellion are very convenient and will last longer - my 15 mo still goes in my Rose and Rebellion comfortably - some need you to put an insert in for a newborn. Ergo are available in John Lewis (watch out for cheap fakes, they're not tested to safety standards and the dyes aren't safe for chewing!) and Manduca in Kiddicare iirc.

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