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Sling recommendation? Large baby, likes arching, can't support head!

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hannahhanjy Tue 18-Feb-14 18:21:02

Hi all,

I'm really hoping you can help me out with a sling recommendation.
I have a large 11 wk old baby who doesn't support her own neck. She also tends to stretch out and arch like a banana (handy for a sling!)

I have an ergo baby, but my LO doesn't seem to be a fan of it. When I put her in the insert (as she can't hold her head) she stretches out so her head is flopping above the carrier and I have to hold it all of the time. I can't get her to squash up more so that her head is lower and supported. I think this is because of both the length of her as she is quite big and also because she arches away from me quite a lot.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good sling for this kind of baby? Or advice on how to get her in the ergo better (I try to pull the insert down when she is in, but it doesn't seem to work).

I'm in streatham hill and it seems like the South London sling library has moved quite far away now sad and the tooting library doesn't have any slings to hire...


pootlebug Tue 25-Feb-14 13:33:53

You can sometimes make the Ergo work for babies too big for the insert and too small for the carrier without by sitting them on top of a small rolled up hand towel in the bottom of the carrier. Have a look at p16 of the Boba 4g instructions here - you want the towel to mimic the insert that the baby sits on here.

Also make sure there is no loose fabric at the bottom of the carrier - make sure she is as far down into it as she can be.

Emily at the South London library is really knowledgeable and helpful - it might be worth making the trip even if it is a little bit out of the way now.

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