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sling recs please for 7mo

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SmileAndNod Tue 11-Feb-14 13:14:56

Hope someone more experienced can help! Have been using a close caboo carrier for dd since she was born - a lot in the early days, lately more for school run so that I have hands free. She is not huge (15lb) but the close doesn't seem to be supporting her that well and I have trouble seeing over the top.

Are there any other slings I could try next? I like something soft and cuddly IYSWIM but that I don't have to tie. Something quite quick and easy to get into as have school and nursery runs twice a day. I used to have a baby Bjorn with Dc1 which I hated as felt he was too far away from me. I was hoping to maybe hire one to try out before buying, what would you recommend?

pootlebug Thu 13-Feb-14 13:35:47

Lots of choices! Do you have a local sling library you could pop along to so that you could see some in person?

Buckle carriers are sometimes the simplest but don't quite fit the 'soft and cuddly' bill as well as some others.

I'd have a look at a mei tai like the Hoppediz Hop Tye - it fits the soft and cuddly bill, you do tie it but it has a shape to it - it's not like tying a wrap.

I would probably try a soft structured carrier for comparison - something like the Manduca or Ergo or Boba 4g. Also maybe the Connecta which is buckled but much lighter weight than those first three.

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