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Recommendations pls for wriggly 5mo!

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flopsybunny45 Sun 26-Jan-14 19:14:29

Hi -

I really enjoyed using my woven Lenny lamb for my dd whilst she was still fairly sleepy up until around 3mo.

She is now nearly 5mo and I'm struggling with where to go next with baby carrying... My woven seems too short to contain her and she wants to see what's going on all the time and so it seems too restrictive.

I would welcome any ideas ... I am in w Sussex but not sure when sweet wrappers meet as I'm not on Facebook

TedGlen Sun 26-Jan-14 19:19:36

I bought a baby hawk mei tai at about that age for dd2, when she got fed up of being so enclosed in her moby wrap. We still use it at 13mo because she can look around, but can still snuggle in and go to sleep if she wants to. I still use it on my front as dd is quite petite, haven't tried a back carry yet.

flopsybunny45 Mon 27-Jan-14 04:10:30

Thanks ted - will have a look... How do you find dcs weight in it? My dd is also small but already finding her a lump at 6kg!! X

MoreSkyThanWeNeed Mon 27-Jan-14 06:18:33

We use an Ergo now - love it.
Baby feels secure and it's comfy.

Rockchick1984 Mon 27-Jan-14 14:11:43

How long is your wrap? You can try back carrying at that age as long as she has good head and neck support, or a hip carry so she can see more around her if you would prefer to stick with the woven?

Other than that any SSC like the babyhawk, ergo (watch out for fakes!), Rose and rebellion; a mei tai such as a hop tye or kozy; or even a ring sling would all be fine for her age smile

TedGlen Tue 28-Jan-14 18:58:19

Hi flopsy, sorry for the delay. As long as I tie it so it fits tightly and is high up, dd's weight is no problem. I use it for dog walking and for naps when she won't sleep anywhere else. She's 8.25kg now (18lb ish). Once she's too heavy for a front carry, I'll try her on my back.

SweetTeaVodka Fri 31-Jan-14 08:00:13

What size is your woven? What carries jave you been using? There are so many carries you can do with a woven wrap, have a look at YouTube (Wrapping Rachel has loads of videos showing different carries). Hip and back carries are great for nosy babies.

flopsybunny45 Fri 07-Feb-14 17:20:47

Sorry for late reply - it's 4.2/small Lenny lamb which on their site was the right size for my shortness!

Will take a look at yt.


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