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how the hell do you put an ergo on by yourself?

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dinkystinky Fri 24-Jan-14 20:14:25

I have a beco butterfly I can get on myself (as you clip the two shoulder straps together before putting baby in) but can not close my ergo myself with my 6 month old in for love nor money! I've loosened the the clip strap to clip the shoukder straps together but either can't reach for align it when baby is in place. Any top tips from ergo veterans?

Lovepancakes Fri 24-Jan-14 20:55:17

I never had problems which isn't very helpful, sorry. I think I just had to stretch a bit. Are the straps high enough up on your shoulder to reach?

PurplePidjin Fri 24-Jan-14 21:05:25

Front or back carry?

For back carries with my 14mo in a rose and rebellion (same kind of thing) i clip the waist around me so the panel flaps over my arse, grab his armpits with my hands (arms crossed, him facing me) and, supporting his weight on my fore arm, lift him over my shoulder while bending forward. He piggy backs in position and i fling the panel up over him and shove my arms through the straps (loosened). Then i lift the straps at the shoulder to bounce him down and tighten them up. Chest strap gets done up last.

That's called Superman iirc. You can also Hip Scoot but i can't manage that. YouTube is your friend as my description is pretty shit

My carrier has straps you can cross, so i do front carries differently I'm afraid. Afaik, friends with Ergos have long arms or helpful mates to do up the chest strap behind themselves grin

PurplePidjin Fri 24-Jan-14 21:06:30

I think has a list of meets so you can ask someone in real life btw

FinallyGotAnIPhone Fri 24-Jan-14 21:10:01

Look on YouTube there are plenty if videos on there.

mawbroon Fri 24-Jan-14 21:11:43

I assuming you are talking about a front carry?

I always fastened the strap at the back before putting the baby in. I had it loose enough to slide baby in and then would tighten the straps.

I also did the front carry sort of sideways. DS2 had been in the baby insert from birth, and I just kept him in sideways which he seemed to like. He could see me and he could see all around.

Ergo would probably not recommend it though!

dinkystinky Fri 24-Jan-14 21:18:27

Thanks all. Mawbroom yes its front carry - will try the super loose strap approach and hope ds3 will play ball!

Barbeasty Sat 25-Jan-14 21:12:37

I have a boba 3g, which is similar.

I find having the "chest strap" high enough means I can reach it to clip together.

I know the first time I tried one I wondered how I would ever manage it by myself, but I have it at the top of my shoulder blades, and I reach there quite easily.

So I do it up round the waist, put DS in, put my arms through the straps then do up the chest strap at the back.

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