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Talk to me about ring slings, should I get one?

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Madratlady Fri 17-Jan-14 20:24:33

Someone kindly lent me a ring sling to try with my 5wo ds. It feels comfy and he seems to like being carried close.

Would you recommend a ring sling? Why/ why not?

How long are they suitable for, as in rough age/size?

Please reassure me that it's safe and he won't slide out of the bottom!

FightingOverImaginaryIcecream Fri 17-Jan-14 20:30:47

I didn't get on very well with the ring sling, DS's were both huge babies and I couldn't carry all the weight on 1 shoulder without getting backache. I got a wrap sling when DS1 was about 8 weeks and it was the best thing ever, much comfier and I used it until he was about 6 months (then moved on to a patapum).

It's all very personal and different people get on with different types, ring sling probably very comfy for baby, but possibly not so comfy for you when they're heavier.

HolyDrinker Fri 17-Jan-14 20:33:00

He'll be perfectly safe!

I have an ellaroo. It's lovely, but tbh I don't find it very comfy for long periods of time. It pulls on my shoulder. And neither of mine have ever slept in it (youngest is 4mo). I think a tiny newborn would find it comfy enough to snooze, but mine is now too big to lie down in it and has to sit up on my hip.

However, i do find it very useful for short periods as it's very lightweight to carry around and quick to put on. I use it for nipping into the supermarket, a quick carry when I'm trying to cook dinner etc or if they're whinging while in the buggy.

For longer carries, I find a soft structured carrier or wrap sling comfier and they both sleep in those. But everyone is different and if you find it comfy then go for it!

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