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Am I using the ergo correctly?

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SheldorAFK Thu 26-Sep-13 08:52:27

Ds is newborn and I use the ergo to get ds to sleep or when I need to run around after dd.

I am using the newborn insert - ds I paced in with bottom on the pillow and head at the top of the insert so it supported. Then I place him on me with legs slightly froggy and then put the carrier on.

His legs aren't out of the carrier but you can see them at the sides. Is this correct?

Also, his head flops against my chest, is this correct?

He gets very hot and sweaty in the carrier no matter how little I put him in, us he okay?

pootlebug Fri 27-Sep-13 13:19:47

- At that age his legs should be inside the carrier. Just ensure they are not squashed up and can move fairly freely.

- His head should lean against your chest. Make sure he is fully supported upright though - you need to have the top of his head facing up....if the back of his head is facing up because he is slumping forward into a C-shape that risks compromising his airways. You need the carrier tight enough to support his back - google the TICKS rules for safe sling use for more detail.

- The Ergo insert is quite hot, especially indoors or in warm weather. Keep dressing him in very little for in the sling if you're not going outside.

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