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Sling recommendations

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BB01 Thu 26-Sep-13 19:50:39

Thanks Ollipops!

Ollipops2 Wed 25-Sep-13 18:20:43

I love the Connecta Baby carrier, just managed to get one, everywhere else seems out of stock but have got some stock at the moment. I love the colours too! X

BB01 Fri 06-Sep-13 15:49:04

Thank you. The Manduca sounds great!

TheContrastofWhiteonWhite Fri 06-Sep-13 10:14:00

The Manduca is very similar to an ergo, but when doing a front carry you can cross the straps across your back. I found that really good for when DD2 was small.

Had a Connecta a while back. Nice, and folds up small, but nowhere near as supportive as Ergo/Manduca styles, so not as good for older children.

BB01 Fri 06-Sep-13 10:09:50

That's really helpful. Thanks so much more everyone! I have some research to be getting on with now. I do have a sling library nearish to me which I went to before to help choose a newborn sling. Just bit tricky to get there at the mo but when I've done more research I'll try to get over there. Hmm interesting point about Ergo as I have really small shoulders! Thanks again everyone

TheHattifattenersBarometer Thu 05-Sep-13 17:46:33

Tula are great (strap go from small to very large, you could also google: boba, beco, connecta (they fold up really small). Manduca are really good too.

You could also see if there is a sling library in your area, I went to one and there were loads to try, plus other Mums with their own slings who were happy to let you try thiers on. I got a bit hooked and still carry my 2 year old on my back, it saves having to negotiate a pushchair round the shops.

forevergreek Thu 05-Sep-13 15:38:33

I wouldn't recommend ergo if you are small as the straps don't go small enough

Connecta is good, as is beco Gemini 3G

Parietal Thu 05-Sep-13 15:28:19

Ergo is great & long lasting

BB01 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:21:51

Connecta I meant!!

BB01 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:13:44

I have a Close Caboo and love it. It's brilliant for getting my baby to sleep and I love her being all cosy. However, I'm considering getting a second sling or soft structured carrier for the following reasons.

She sleeps all the time she is in it which is great but a) it can then mean she's wide awake at night if I sling her most the day and b) we don't interact much when she's in it cos she sleeps and on the few occasions she doesn't sleep when in it she gets really grumpy (think cos she can't see much).

I'd like something really really easy to put on. I know the Caboo is relatively easy but I still spend ages untwisting straps and adjusting it so she's comfy. I'd like a sling to use when I'm not planning on keeping her in it for a very long time so it doesn't have to be as comfy as the Caboo but would be great if it is. This one would be more for a quick wear while I do job round house or nipping from car to couple of shops. However if it then progresses to being my main sling when she's older that'd be great. A few I've seen that I like the look of at the sling library (can't get to library easily at mo unfortunately) are Connectable, Ergo and Rose and Rebellion.

Any recommendations? By the way DD is ten weeks old but only weighs 8lb 8.

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