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is there a babywearing thread?

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grainmum Mon 02-Sep-13 13:09:20

I have a Moby wrap I use for my 12 week DS but I'd like to encourage him to be settled for short periods away from me in the day (eg in bouncy seat while I eat or on play mat for short time. Would also like to be able to settle him in his cot (rocking then transferring is becoming less and less successful). I appreciate I seem to want the best of both worlds! Any suggestions or can someone point me to the appropriate thread please!

philbee Wed 04-Sep-13 20:45:25

It's a tricky one! I think if you post on the sleep thread people might help with settling. I found I couldn't put DD2 down until about 12 weeks and then she started to get more used to it. She still doesn't settle on her own, but I can reliably put her down once she's asleep.

Daisysteiner22 Thu 12-Sep-13 19:25:05

A quick note in favour of the baby bjorn - i've used the active carrier (with the back support) from 2 months and am now getting very sad that my baby is getting too big for it at 11 months. in terms of hip issues they do have information on that on the baby bjorn site which put my mind at rest and i've used it religiously and my baby's been walking from 9 1/2 months... but that could just be us.

Honestly - i have totally loved it and the pram hasn't been unfolded since February. We go out for hours and hours in it. Super easy to put on and get the baby into on my own and she adores facing out and waving to all and sundry as she watches the world go by.

Just to add another perspective... :O)

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