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What do babies where in slings through the seasons?

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lucywiltshire Tue 03-Sep-13 20:48:22

just to follow on quickly from Pootlebug, another reason people are antiBjorns is that they aren't good for babies, the dangly legs aren't good for hips and when outward facing too much pressure is put on the baby's spine. For some reason Baby Bjorn have captured most of the carrier market and it is a shame as others are a million times comfier and better for baby.

Slippysnow Thu 29-Aug-13 12:18:09

Thanks for that information. It's great, luckily I have bought a second hand one for £15 so not bad for a few months, I think if I can't get along with it after and still wanting to carry baby I will look into this further smile

pootlebug Wed 28-Aug-13 08:28:02

Okay, I realise it's not what you asked for and you've said you want a bjorn despite them being not well liked on MN....

I run a sling library. I have helped literally hundreds of people choose and use slings, and I have personally tried well in excess of a hundred different brands and types. Every single time I run the library, without fail, I have people bring me a bjorn and say that it was fine when their baby was 1/2/3 months, but now that they are 4/5/6 months it really hurts their back. The reasons for this are three-fold, imo:

- The bjorn holds the baby marginally further away from the parent than other slings, and this puts their centre of gravity further away, pulling the parent's upper back
- The bjorn leg support is quite short. So when your baby is small it's fine and supports their thighs. As they get bigger and longer their thighs dangle down instead of fitting around the parent like they would in a wider carrier. This further shifts them away from your centre of gravity, adding to the upper back problem.
- There is an expectation that turning to forward facing is a normal development step around 4 months. Because the legs dangle forward when forward facing, that even further moves the baby from the parent's centre of gravity...even more strain on the parents back.

To be fair, I think some of the newer bjorn models like the Miracle can fit a baby well for the first 0-3 months. But that's a lot of money for 0-3 months.

If you want easy-to-put-on buckles (without inserts etc) that will fit from small baby upwards, I would go for something like the Beco Gemini. Or better still I'd head to your local sling library and have a look at the huge range of things available (you can find it by putting your postcode here )

(BTW - I realise I run a sling library and am recommending sling libraries....just for the record, it is very rare that sling libraries do more than cover their costs. Mine has been going nearly 2 years and still owes me money....I don't make a penny from it, but run it because I really believe in helping people carry their babies in comfort).

Slippysnow Wed 28-Aug-13 05:51:48


Slippysnow Wed 28-Aug-13 05:51:23

Thankyou for your reply, I think the issue of dressing a baby may become more simple and clear when the baby is hear until then I think I am being a panicer!

gotadifferentnamenow Tue 27-Aug-13 19:05:02

Typically, a layer less than in a buggy, ime.

I did have DS in his fleece pramsuit in the sling last winter (I was using a manduca but I suspect it's similar to the bb in terms of exposure and insulation). But if he'd have been in the buggy on those days I would have also added a blanket, and/or a cardigan underneath it, iyswim.

I think <prepares to be corrected> it's less of a matter of getting the 'perfect' level of clothing when a baby is in a sling, because the physical contact with you helps them regulate their temperature. I've misjudged a handful of autumn/spring days and taken him out with no sleeves when really he could have used them, but he's always been totally fine and happy. People sometimes give you funny looks, even when you've got it right, because they don't realise that a slung baby needs fewer layers than one lying immobile and alone in a pram.

In spring/summer/autumn I tend to just put him in the sling in whatever he's wearing indoors.

Slippysnow Tue 27-Aug-13 15:52:48

Hiya, I'm a new mum planning on using a baby bjorn carrier for dog walking, and occasional shopping trips. I know they aren't well liked on mn but it seems to fit my needs (may live to regret but we will see)

But, my question is. ... What do I put my little baby in throughout the seasons? The carrier itself seems quite warm but maybe it's deceptive. I would be walking in a windy area. Are pram suits too warm?

Thankyou wise ones!

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