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Moby wrap or a ring sling??

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gotadifferentnamenow Fri 23-Aug-13 13:39:19

Ime ring slings are trickier to get right than they look - it's a question of adjusting the tension across the wrap until it's perfect. Stretchy wraps like the moby, otoh, are much easier to get right than people imagine - tie it on flat then just slip baby in.

The only reason I can see for choosing a rs over a stretchy is that it will last longer- the moby will be less comfortable after about 6-8mo, whereas a chunky toddler can still be carried in a rs. I would definitely recommend a stretchy (moby or others) over a rs for a newborn.

floatyflo Fri 23-Aug-13 12:29:35

Hi all,

Am pregnant with dc2 and would really like to use a sling this time round.

I tried a couple with ds1 but found them to difficult to get the hang of and never felt like he was in securely, safely or comfortably!

After trawling throught the net looking at reviews, articles and YouTube vids, I have narrowed it down to a Moby wrap or a ring sling.
but which of these will be best? And have a I missed any other good slings/carriers?

I am 5ft6 and a 16-18 if that needs to be factored in with any type of sling.
Look forward to hearing your suggestions and experiences.

Thanks! smile

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