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Stirrups on little life - give froggy leg position?

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Turry Sun 11-Aug-13 19:12:57

Do they? Dying to get a backpack for hiking, but the last one we bought leaves dd dangling horribly by the crotch.

We've found somebody selling a LL which they say has stirrups - so does this significantly improve the seating position does anybody know please?


Turry Sun 11-Aug-13 19:13:47

Sorry, that was meant to say they're selling it second hand.

CakesAreNotTheAnswer Sun 11-Aug-13 19:27:33

Have you tried something less structured like a connecta or Ergo?

Turry Sun 11-Aug-13 20:05:06

Thanks Cakes, yes I have a couple of ssc's, but looking for a backpack for DH and really want dd to be able to see over shoulders (don't get on with wrapping on back, so that's not an option either!)

CakesAreNotTheAnswer Sun 11-Aug-13 20:08:19

Ah. Fair enough. Just hate to see people struggling with big heavy backpacks who are unaware of other options! I do understand about the seeing-over-shoulders thing. Took me a while before I mastered a couple of back carries with my wraps!

Turry Mon 09-Sep-13 12:53:09

Thanks Cakes! smile

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