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Help! Can't find a sling that faces both inward and outward!!

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WoolySheep Tue 23-Jul-13 10:00:17

Hi guys,

Am in crappy situation. DS age 3 months is big, long for his age and already has great head control. I have an Ergobaby yet he hates facing inward as he is very alert and loves to engage with the outside world, he is so happy when I face him out yet gets hot and annoyed facing me in the Ergo, unlike my first son (now a year and a half) who LOVED facing in.

I have a Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier which he loves and can do both inward and front facing, yet i've noticed his little leggies are getting red marks on them from where it's now starting to cut into his little chubby legs.

I cannot for the life of me seem to find slings that seem big enough and can face outward! The Baby Bjorn Miracle is SUPPOSED to go up to like 35 lbs, there is NO WAY that's true as DS is obviously no where NEAR that at 3 months yet already getting too big for it.

PLEASE help me find a roomy carrier that faces out. I am skinny and hate baby wraps as they never seem to offer enough back support to me and tend to often get loose no matter how tight I tie them originally. What I need is a carrier. Advice would be so amazing right now!

Thanks xx

puddock Tue 23-Jul-13 10:04:09

Beco Gemini might suit your needs.

puddock Tue 23-Jul-13 10:05:59

But carrying facing out isn't the greatest...

TribbleWithoutACause Tue 23-Jul-13 10:07:20

Shove him on your hip in the ergo, best of both worlds.

Donki Tue 23-Jul-13 10:07:49

The wilkinet lets the baby face in or out. I found it extremely comfortable and good at distributing the weight well. (The physio I saw at the time thought it was excellent too)

The only downside is if you find the straps a bit tricky to manage. I found that I soon got the hang of them after a bit of practice with a teddy bear.

WoolySheep Tue 23-Jul-13 10:08:14

To puddock- my first son always faced outward when awake (I would turn him back inward when he slept and this arrangement seemed to be his favourite) and he has had absoultely no ill effects and is a happy, thriving one and a half year old. If I listened to everything that was apparently bed for my baby i'd be a nervous recluse. I'd rather babywear him how he likes it.

Davinaaddict Tue 23-Jul-13 10:08:37

I think a lot

WoolySheep Tue 23-Jul-13 10:10:21

Thanks Donki will try that, and to Tribble, he seems a bit young still to go hip style in the Ergo and last time I tried it it kind of freaked him out for some reason. Maybe he didn't feel supported enough I dont know. x

puddock Tue 23-Jul-13 10:10:30

... and last of all, is there a sling meet near you ( You could go along and try out a few different ones, get some face-to-face help adjusting them, some have lending libraries so you can hire a sling out to try.

Kikibee Tue 23-Jul-13 10:10:57

I am a fan of the wilkinet, we were given one which we then passed to another mum when it had been used for our 4 children. They are hard wearing, washable, versatile and used by both me. Oh and very comfortable smile

WoolySheep Tue 23-Jul-13 10:15:35

To Kikibee- what age do they go up to? x

Davinaaddict Tue 23-Jul-13 10:15:49

Bugger- stupid smartphone!

I think a lot of the carriers that forward face out, are not very supportive for the parent once baby reaches a certain size/weight. I have a woven wrap which can be used for front, hip and back carrying, and because its a wrap rather than a structured carrier, it's very easy to adjust to fit both me and baby as she grows (now 15 months and still loves being carried!). Mine also loves to see what's going on, so hip carrying is probably best until baby is big enough to be back carried. It's fab as baby gets to see everything you do when peeking over my shoulder, and can snuggle to sleep when she's tired.

Maybe its worth you seeing if you have a local sling library so you can try put some different types to suit you and your baby? Hope you manage to find something smile

WoolySheep Tue 23-Jul-13 10:17:15

To Davinaaddict- what is a sling library?! x

puddock Tue 23-Jul-13 10:19:59

No need to be defensive. I run a sling meet and I would not - and did not, to you - scaremonger about FFO, I'm just sharing information - for you and anyone else who might read your thread.

I read your OP carefully and do recommend you look at the Beco Gemini as a very suitable carrier, which will carry your baby in all the ways that you would prefer - facing out and in (also on your back as well as your front - which was my own solution for a nosy baby).

Hope you find something that suits you both, being able to carry your baby, especially your second, is fantastic.

pootlebug Tue 23-Jul-13 10:20:45

The only thing I can think of is the Beco Gemini. It isn't quite as big as the Ergo but is (when put in the wider leg position) wider and more supportive for considerably longer than the Bjorn Miracle. My 15 month old is still okay in it facing in, and I'd suspect it'll last until around 18-20 months.

The straps on it are fairly long on their smallest setting, so if you are skinny you need to be relatively tall and/or long in the torso for it to fit you (straps are really too long for me with a small baby at 5'5, UK8-10 with a short torso, but I've seen it fit people skinnier but longer in the torso than me very well).

The forward facing position will start to pull on your upper back and put more pressure on your pelvic floor than baby facing you, so you'll likely find as he gets heavier it doesn't work so well for you any more, but then he might well have decided he's happier facing in, with his arms out, by then.

When he has good enough head and upper body control you could also try a hip carry with your ergo. Around 5 months+.

JimbosJetSet Tue 23-Jul-13 10:22:14

DS also hated the Ergo at the same age (shock to me, older DD always loved it). I found that when he was a bit older and bigger, so his head fully poked out of the top of the carrier, he was happy in it.

pootlebug Tue 23-Jul-13 10:23:09

Oops lots of posts whilst I wrote mine smile

A sling library is somewhere you can go along and rent out carriers so you can try before you buy. They are all independently run and funded, but there are quite a lot around the country.

You can find your nearest one at if you put in your postcode. Or google UK sling libraries network.

Davinaaddict Tue 23-Jul-13 10:50:22

What pootlebug said smile There are loads around the UK and a few different Facebook groups as well (Babywearing FSOT is a good one - as well as ones for sale or trade, there's a lot of advice and help on there).

WoolySheep Tue 23-Jul-13 11:04:54

Thanks will have a look x

Kikibee Tue 23-Jul-13 14:58:12

Erm, tbh I have no idea smile quite old I think, I recall my dsis using it for ages with her second

MollyNollyNoo Thu 25-Jul-13 20:36:33

A Catbird Pikkolo is a nice sling, I have seen one (I didn't choose one as ds was happy up high on my back or facing in), I was impressed with the quality. When they get bigger you can back carry with them too. There is at least 1 u.k stockist that I know of perhaps more.

AnnabelleLee Thu 25-Jul-13 20:38:04

A simple mei tei like a babyhawk, or any brand, can be used facing out if you like. And can be used for years.

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