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Moby Wrap 8lb baby - suitable positions?

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RuByMaMa Sun 07-Jul-13 09:35:55

Just got ourselves a Moby Wrap as my DD is only really settling and staying asleep for any length of time on me. She is 3.5 weeks old and just over 8lb in weight. I was wondering whether or not we were limited to the 'newborn hug hold' position or if we could just progress straight to the standard 'hug hold' position? When she is settling on me without the wrap she has her legs pulled up froggy style IYSWIM and doesn't seem comfy in the wrap in the recommended foetal position... is it bad for her hips at this age for her legs to be spread any length of time? TIA

pootlebug Mon 08-Jul-13 17:19:21

Most sling consultants now recommend a 'legs out' position from birth now. That should be absolutely fine. Just be sure to pull her knees up, rather than outwards - she'll then froggy them into a natural comfortable position herself.

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