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Tempted to buy a Baby K ring sling, should I? (totally silly reason)

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I am looking to buy a ring sling for my baby, she is 7 weeks old and I have my eye on a couple. I have been tempted by the baby K one (ready for the silly bit) because my baby's name starts with a K and baby K is embroidered on it blush

I don't mind being told it is nor as good as another brand and I will stop being so daft, but if it is going to be just as nice to wear and use I might just have to get it.

Can you tell me if you know anything about the baby K slings?


No one sad

SpaceKoala Tue 18-Jun-13 19:45:55

Can see why you like the baby k one, but would go with whichever one that has the best reviews. I had a sling when my twins were little, but it was very uncomfortable for me and my little ones didn't seem comfy either.
You could buy another one and get a iron or sew on label smile

Thanks Space I haven't found many reviews sad the ones I have found for both the RSs I am looking at say they're better suited to an older baby, so I might leave it for now.

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