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Rose and rebellion preschool

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Beetlelove Wed 12-Jun-13 17:42:35

Thanks pootlebug. I ordered one on Monday from a sling library so hopefully it will come edited the weekend so I can try it out :-) xx

pootlebug Wed 12-Jun-13 12:19:36

Yes, I have. They are very good, and 2.5 is a good age for it (they are a big carrier, I'd say 2.5+.
Another off-the-peg possibility is the Toddler Tula.

And it's way easier to put either in your bag ready for when he needs a ride rather than pushing an empty buggy all day!

Beetlelove Mon 10-Jun-13 06:30:49

Just wondering if anyone has used one of these with their toddler?
We've not really used a carrier before because I LOVED my pushchair but now little man is 2.5 hes not wanting to sit in as much and he hates the urbanite pushchair that we bought to replace our original iCandy.
He's just not big enough yet to walk miles without carrying so wanted something that we could put him in when he gets tired (saving my shoulders from carrying him on there)!
So... Does anyone know anything about these before I buy one?

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