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Any Mei tai recommendations please?

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ChunkyChicken Sat 08-Jun-13 15:32:38

I'm currently waiting for an Action Baby Carrier to arrive for a test drive (hired from the website, have tried an Ergo from my local sling library) but DS has decided at nearly 7mo, to become a bit of a nap dodger/want to be held if tired & I think a mei tai might be a quick & easy option...

I think the SSC might be better for out & about, as the padding/lack of tying might be easier & more comfortable, but for in the house or quick shopping trips or the like, a mei tai will do the trick. Obviously if I'm buying 2 carriers/slings, I don't want to spend loads.

Any recommendations for a relatively cheap but cheerful one for my 17+lb nosey little boy? TIA.

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