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Toddler carrying suggestions please

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chocolatemartini Thu 06-Jun-13 08:48:45

Yes I am near various sling meets and a sling library. I never get round to going, I know I should! I'd love to learn to use my woven wrap in more ways too.

pootlebug Thu 06-Jun-13 01:18:55

I've carried a large nearly-4-year-old in a RS. For significant distances I prefer a two shoulder carrier but they can be good for quicker ups and downs. There is a knack to getting them right though - and if you don't they're not comfy at all. I'd recommend one made from a woven wrap for support. Are you near a sling library or meet where you could try one, and/or have someone show you how to use one properly?

chocolatemartini Wed 05-Jun-13 21:29:15

May still need something else though. Bit tempted to try a rs but should prob borrow one first. Anyone here carried a large 1 yo in one?

chocolatemartini Wed 05-Jun-13 21:28:18

Dh has ordered the Neobulle grin

VinegarDrinker Wed 05-Jun-13 19:53:07

Connectas do fold up tiny but personally I don't find the waistband wide or supportive enough. We use ours for short carries only. I do know people who adore theirs, I suspect it may depend on your body shape.

chocolatemartini Wed 05-Jun-13 19:51:12

Thanks will look at connectas now...

CelticPromise Wed 05-Jun-13 19:24:14

Connectas fold very small and I've heard good things about them. I have a toddler ABC and I'm very happy with it, might not go small enough for you though. I can fit it in a big shoulder bag with nappies, change of clothes and packed lunch.

llamallama Wed 05-Jun-13 19:19:17

A connecta (in toddler size) specifically a solar weave connecta as there is hardly any padding and it folds up really small but is still lovely and comfortable!

VinegarDrinker Wed 05-Jun-13 19:11:31

The Manduca folds pretty small for a SSC and has an adjustable back length as they grow.

chocolatemartini Wed 05-Jun-13 19:09:35

How much padding does the toddler hawk have? Must admit I'm a bit in love with the Neobulle it looks so comfy and is massively adjustable which would be handy if I have any more dcs smile

CMOTDibbler Wed 05-Jun-13 18:38:32

I had a toddlerhawk, then a dreamcarrier half buckle when he was really big

chocolatemartini Wed 05-Jun-13 18:30:21

Which mt did you use? Looking for one that's not too padded because it will be in my bag at least 50% of the time and padding makes them stiffer to fold and bulkier.

CMOTDibbler Wed 05-Jun-13 18:26:39

For an 18mo, a MT is great as the weight is distribtuted so well. But it does take a couple of minutes to put on which isn't ideal if they are up and down - you don't have to carry it when not in use though as you can just tighten it to you.

I used a ring sling when ds was under a year, and then when he was 3 if I just needed it to support cuddles rather than so much carrying. But the rest of the time it was MT all the way

chocolatemartini Wed 05-Jun-13 18:20:28

I'm looking for a new sling for my 18 mo.

I'd like something that's easy & quick to use, and small when folded so I can carry it in my bag/ buggy when not in use.

Considering the toddler Tula but I think it's a bit bulky to fit in my bag

Have considered a ring sling but have never used one so can't imagine it being comfy taking all DS's weight on one shoulder with none of it on my hips. I like how small they fold though

Ditto short wrap

Love the Neobulle meitai but a bit concerned this will take too long to get him in and out of

Any suggestions?

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