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Advice or tips on using Patapum baby carrier please

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Cydonia Sun 02-Jun-13 22:58:50

Oh bugger. The seller said it was ideal for older babies and toddlers too. Budget is only around £50 so that's why I've been looking for second hand, but found everything kept going out of my price range on eBay. I posted in the Facebook groups too but no luck there either. Wish I hadn't been so impatient now as will need to sell this one before looking for another sad

pootlebug Sun 02-Jun-13 22:45:55

The baby patapum isn't very big. Upper weight limits are almost always misleading....they refer to the biggest weight a carrier is tested to, rather than the biggest weight it will be comfortable until. It should still fit a 12 month old if you bounce him down well into the seat but to be honest won't fit for all that long.

What is your budget? Will try to recommend something else to fit the bill....

Cydonia Sun 02-Jun-13 20:25:53

Hi, I just got a Patapum baby carrier for my year old DS. I've been deliberating over which SSC to get for ages, and finally went with this as it seemed to get good reviews for the price ( most of the others were out of my budget even 2nd hand! ) I went with the baby version rather than the toddler as I wanted the option to front carry too, plus it says it goes up to 14kg.

Anyway, it's come and I'm not sure if I like it! I can't seem to get the shoulder straps right, they just seem bulky and don't sit close to my shoulder. And it doesn't seem quite big enough either. DS is just over 10kg so med-large I guess. He likes to have his arms out but they seemed squashed, and it looks only just knee to knee now.

However, I'm hoping that I'm just doing it wrong! The only instruction videos I can find are with either a tiny doll, or an older child so not very helpful! So any tips would be great, before I give up and stick it back on eBay!

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