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Can I start carrying 2yo after a year off?

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Makinglists Sun 02-Jun-13 21:47:23

I have a toddler patapum which I find ideal for carrying DS2 (2.7) when he's had enough of walking. The lumber support belt is very comfy and helps spread his weight. I find this much more comfy than the framed rucksack style backpack which digs in and dosen't seem to distribute his weight so evenly.

MollyNollyNoo Thu 30-May-13 20:05:12

I have a toddler Tula (my DS2 is also nearly two and huge!) and I love it, I had a standard Tula before that, I bought it because I needed an off the shelf toddler carry in a hurry. The straps are lovely and thick and I can get DS nice and high so he can peer over my shoulder. It also fits DS1 (3 1/2) fairly well too.

I also have a wrap, which if I can 'do' is really comfy. I have a Rose and Rebellion pre-school but tbh that fits DS1 better as the seat is a couple of inches wider and it is cut a bit differently.

Others worth a look are: connecta as they now do a toddler size, wompat, but you usually have to pre-order and wait, they are really comfortable though...the also do a mai tai version.

pootlebug Thu 30-May-13 08:51:29

You don't need a big backpack thing! There are a few specific toddler size carriers out there, which would probably be a better fit than the Boba 3g. Have a look at the Toddler Tula or Toddler Huckepack for instance. I think slings are still brilliant for 2 year olds....much easier to have a carrier in your bag for when they get tired than to push an empty pushchair for half the day.

sleepcrisis Wed 29-May-13 23:53:04

And what would you recommend?

I used a moby wrap for te first few months then a beco Gemini until he was about 15 mo. I stopped for various reasons and when I tried to carry him on my back around 18mo he loved it but I felt the Gemini was a bit narrow and short for him so didn't bother much after that. Recently we've both been fed up with the buggy and I'd love to be able to put him on my back when he tires of walking.

Is he getting a bit big? He's 2 next month. Have looked at boba 3G - would that work, or should I be looking at a big backpack thing?

Thanks in advance

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