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Connecta, Rose and Rebellion or Ergo carrier help, please!

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MrsMigginslovespies Thu 23-May-13 14:52:51


LO is a chunky 9 month old who I love carrying but who is now getting too big for the Baby Bjorn. It's also becoming uncomfy carrying him in it, as it does pull on my shoulders and neck. I like the look of all three types, as I'd like to put LO on my back from now on. We have a big framed mountain climbing bit of kit that's fine for long walks, but I find bulky and tricky to put on myself. I also have a stretchy Close Caboo that was lovely when he was tiny, but now I find that he ends up by my knees in no time! I should add too that I inherited both the BB and the Caboo, so had no choice to start with (and beggers can't be choosers!).

So what to get, as there seem to be so many nice ones about? Any advice or thoughts most welcome. Thank you!

pootlebug Thu 23-May-13 15:11:29

Go along to your local Sling Library if you have one and try some, to see what works for you? Put your postcode in here to find the nearest one

I think the Rose and Rebellion is quite narrow so wouldn't choose it for a 9 month old - it will fit now but not last as long. if you go for an Ergo be very careful of fakes...Ebay/Amazon are awash with them. My personal pick for buckles would be the Manduca or Tula, but different buckle carriers work for different people - hence my initial SLing Library suggestion.

poocatcherchampion Thu 23-May-13 15:25:10

I love my r&r. still using it at 15 months, sold the ergo at 12 months as it was too short in the back. I've never owned a connecta but think they are good too.

PurplePidjin Thu 23-May-13 15:30:59

It really depends on where the clips sit on you- dp tried an ergo and loved it,i found the clips dug under my arms (as have other ahem busty friends of mine!) We now have a borrowed Beco which dp uses but i found comfy when i tried it (i mostly wrap)

Does is have to be clips? Would you consider a mei tai?

MrsMigginslovespies Thu 23-May-13 19:12:50

Ooh, thanks for suggestions. Am very aware of fake Ergos, hence my caution! I'm not super-busty but equally, don't want something that cuts across my boobs either. I would consider a mei tai PurplePidjin actually and have looked at some of those too. Baby Hawk? Will also look at the Tula and Manduca too, thanks. I'm not really near a sling library as live in the back of beyond, but could make a trip into Edinburgh as would be keen to try some out. Baby is 9 months and 10.4kg, so not mini, but also, not super-long either. Am off to google the others now! Thanks. So many options, so not sure what to get confused.

MollyNollyNoo Thu 23-May-13 21:47:33

If you fancy a Mai tai then Melkaj are really good, you could also check out this website, they have buckle carriers, mai tais and slings that do up with rings.

The sling that I really wish that I had know about/had been about when I had DC3 is this one, it adjusts so that you can carry from newborn to toddler. I can't really justify it as I have loads of slings already and DS is nearly 2 now.

spacegirl81 Thu 23-May-13 21:49:33

I've got an Ergo (brought from a licensed shop) and its fab as you can wear on front or back. So comfy and supportive. smile

PurplePidjin Thu 23-May-13 23:18:45

Some sling libraries do postal hires, and I'm sure there are a few in various parts of Scotland but you'd need to google - I'm the complete opposite end of the country grin

fasterthanthewind Thu 23-May-13 23:33:01

i have both an ergo and a R&R (would sell either,actually!)

R and R is specially pretty (I got a matching child's carrier made as well, which is super-cute) but I didn't feel it was fantastically good quality. waist belt not padded enough.

haven't used it with DS...

now have an ergo, which is fine, but again it's not really the carrier for me.

the one that's way way the best, in terms of comfort for both me and baby is the mei tai i bought with DS1. Unbeatable - adjustable, comfortable, brilliant. But I got fed up with the long straps when I had more than one DC to contend with.

I borrowed a Yamo for a while, which was the best of the SSCs I've tried.

janeward Wed 29-May-13 15:15:09

After doing a lot of research and considering similar models to the ones you have mentioned, we went for the Ergo carrier. It's not cheap but I have been able to wear it both on the front and back and in both positions my son sits still and soaks in the world.

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