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Which sling is best for carrying on the back?

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spekulatius Mon 13-May-13 21:58:44

My DD is 6 months old. So far I've been carrying her in a stretchy cheaper version of KariMe which is great for taking a walk and getting her to sleep. But I can't do anything whilst she is in it, she wakes up very easily. So usually I just sit on the armrest of the sofa until she wakes up. I would like to carry her on the back, my husband is African and thinks I can carry her with a blanket or towel, I'm not slim and can't seem to find one the right size plus I don't have big boobs so I think she can easily slight down.
So my question is, Which sling can I use on the back? I like the look of the Caboo, has anyone tried it on the back? And with all of them, wouldn't I need someone to put her in for me? I presume all of them you put the sling on first and then the baby? I would prefer a cloth one rather then the carrier, I have got a Tomy Freestyle but I don't like the fact that the baby is not really that close IYSWIM.
Any suggestions?

pootlebug Tue 14-May-13 11:16:33

There are lots - woven wraps can all be used on the back, or buckle carriers like the Manduca, Ergo, etc, or Mei Tais - all designed for use front or back, and all can be used on the back without help.

Are you near a sling library or sling meet? You can put your postcode in here to see If so you could go and try some things in person which can be very helpful in deciding the sort of thing you want from the wealth of things out there.

You can back carry with a blanket or towel, like this You don't need big boobs but (I am C-ish and can do it fine) but people with smaller boobs do struggle for it to stay secure.

You can't use the Caboo for back carries.

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