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Neobulle Mei Tai.. or alternatives?

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Ihateparties Mon 29-Apr-13 21:18:59


Has anyone got/tried/seen one of these? I keep looking at them longingly online, nowhere to see one locally. Any opinions or experiences would be most welcome.

Also anything similar? Suppose I'm also considering Didy tai and Hop Tye etc. that type of thing.

My ideal would be padded at the shoulder and wrappy lower down, I mostly back carry so not sure how that would work with the full wrap strap ones.

Thanks in Advance smile

pootlebug Tue 30-Apr-13 22:24:27

I love the Neobulle! I run a sling library and have one in there and have been very impressed by it.

The Hop Tye is also very good and very popular. For a small baby the Hop Tye also ideal, but the Neobulle beats it for a bigger one because it adjusts to be wider and taller (FWIW my 13 month old is still fine in both, but in another year I suspect I'll prefer the Neobulle).

Wrap straps still work in a back carry although I too am a big fan of padded-to-wrap straps.

Ihateparties Wed 01-May-13 11:37:58

Thankyou! <looks around for things to sell>

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