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Babywearing coat / poncho

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FlyLikeABird Mon 22-Apr-13 12:18:04

I have a Boba 3G for my 5wk old DD. I've just starting wearing it around the house today as she hasn't been sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time during the day unless being held. So far so good, so will start to venture outside with it now. We keep having rain showers so I don't want her to get wet. I'm also going on holiday to Cornwall at the end of May and would like something to protect her (and me!) from the elements should the weather not be glorious.

So what do you wear coat wise? I would ideally like something that covers both of us and is lightweight, showerproof (waterproof would be amazing) and packs down small. Does this exist? What do you wear? Has anyone customised a regular coat / poncho for babywearing? It would be even better if it looked good! I love this poncho, could I adjust it do you think?

BTW I'm 5'1 and about a size 10.

mamacoffee Mon 22-Apr-13 21:01:49

There are lots of options out there, and you can get special bwing ponchos but iv just used my rain coat and then inserted a baby raincoat over dds head and enclosed it into my raincoat before zipping it. Oh, and my raincoat is oversized bfor this purpose.

BUt tbh more recently I I just use a a brolly, its better for the occasional back carry.

For warmth I made a bwing coat extender with wool fabric lined with fleece, if you can sew this is an an option and if you cant you can buy buy knitted ones (but I never saw anyonebselling them made from coating b fabric whichbis why I made my own). Q coat extender was the best option for me bc I could use my karen millen coat still! But it doesn't b work for back carries.

SOrry for typos am on phone! !

FlyLikeABird Tue 23-Apr-13 17:37:23

Thanks for the ideas, I'll dig out my sewing machine and get creative. Until then I'll borrow DH's raincoat!

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