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Boba 3G, Ergo or another Connecta?

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MrsFrumble Mon 15-Apr-13 06:22:20

OK, the situation is as follows... We have a 6 month old and 2.5 year old, and a much-loved Connecta that gets used by both DH and I to carry both children. I would love to get another sling so we can occassionally both a carry a child each.

I was looking at the Boba 3G because I love the idea of the foot stirrups - DS is very tall for his age and has long legs, and I thought the stirrups might be more comfortable for him than just having his legs dangling. I do worry that he may try and use the stirrups to push upwards and escape the sling (he loves being carried, but is a mischief-maker). Do any toddler-carrying-Boba-owners have this problem?

I'm also wondering about just getting another Connecta. We've just moved to the US and it's going to get very hot here over the summer, so the lack of padding and the general light-weightness of the Connecta is appealing. Plus I love being able to do the cross-straps over my back.

Outside option is the Ergo, which I've tried out before and quite liked but not loved. Advantages are that they are easy to get hold of, and they are sturdy and reliable.

Sooo, WWYD? Despite being an enthusiastic sling library customer back in the UK, there aren't any round these parts, so I can't road test the Boba before making a decision.

pootlebug Mon 15-Apr-13 13:36:01

Can I suggest a different one again.....a toddler size Kinderpack with cool mesh / koolnit or similar

As a toddler size carrier it will fit your eldest better than a standard size carrier with foot stirrups, and you can carry the smaller one in the Connecta for now and then size up to the toddler size at about 18-20 months or so. You can cross the straps in a front carry, and it's ideal for back carries. If you are on the smaller side I'd recommend the optional 'perfect fit adjusters' which allow you to cinch the straps smaller.

If your bigger boy gets so tall he needs extra support for his legs even in a toddler size carrier, you can use the Tula leg extenders on a Kinderpack

I would go for toddler rather than preschool size kinderpack as the preschool size is massive - more of a 3 years+ carrier. And that way your smaller one will be able to use it sooner too.

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