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Ways to carry newborn

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IndiaBound Tue 19-Mar-13 19:13:55


We are due to have a child through surrogacy (India) in May and have been told that as we have passed 28 weeks, we can start preparing for "baby pick-up".

As we are UK citizens, this involves 3 months in India (no problem as we love the country) but for those that have not visited Delhi, the pavements are non-existent, people are everywhere, and we are told if you carry a baby besides you in a shopping mall, people just knock into it all the time thinking it is a shopping bag!!

The other thing is that Indian babies tend to have lower birth weights than western ones, so it could be many weeks before a baby is 8lbs for instance.

As a pram would be impossible, and side carriers like Phil and Ted's seem too dangerous, we are thinking of some sort of 'on-body' carrier - a sling or carrier.

The look of things like the Bjorn range seems interesting but it is for 8lbs upwards.

One option we have until then I guess is that we carry the baby - literally walk with it (as we will not be walking long distances - probably flat to taxi, taxi to coffee shop ... well you get the idea I am sure ;-). Then when they are large enough, we switch to one of these carriers.

We have also research slings like Caboo that claims "from birth" but a number of people seem to report small babies get lost in them, they are worried about position, excess material, etc.

Any advice anyone has would be more than welcome.

Many thanks


Fairypants Tue 19-Mar-13 19:18:30

I used a wilkinet from birth and dd1 was 6 11. It is a front sling but the ends wrap round several times so baby is held close like cuddling rather than the weight sitting on their spine iyswim.

fraktion Tue 19-Mar-13 19:46:37

A stretchy wrap, like a Moby, would be fine but I'd also consider the climate. DS was born in the tropics and I used a Calin Bleu Gauze wrap (which is a woven, rather than a stretchy) wrap with him - no problems.

shuckleberryfinn Tue 19-Mar-13 19:49:35

Ring slings are lovely for newborns and less hot than a moby style wrap. My daughter was carried in one from day three at about 5lbs.

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