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Mei Tai or Connecta Solarweave?

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GingerlyRed Fri 22-Mar-13 21:42:52

I have a Connecta Solarweave and absolutely love it. I was living in southern Spain when I had ds in July and would just stick him in it in a nappy. It is very thin, very light and VERY easy to use. And comfy for long walks.

I haven't used a back carry but that is imminent as ds is 25 lbs and quite tall and I'm finding it awkward with his head up by mine and feet down at my knees! I'm getting afraid I'll trip or something as I can't see where I'm going. Ds has been very happy in it through all stages - fell asleep pretty much instantly and stayed asleep as a newborn and now loves looking around and/or watching me as I chat to him. It's like a big cuddle grin!

youmaycallmeSSP Tue 19-Mar-13 12:40:40

This is all too complicated; I'll just put her in the buggy grin

Thanks both.

pootlebug Tue 19-Mar-13 11:37:12

The Connecta can be used back and front. Mei tais vary hugely in comfort, and in warmth (some will be as thick and warm as the ergo, some much less so. Some as supportive as the ergo, some less so)

nextphase Mon 18-Mar-13 19:35:36

I've just borrowed a connecta from the sling library for out holidays.
The instructions I've got is for front and back carrying. the website seems to suggest all but the toddler connecta will do 3.5kg-16kg (ie will take my 3 year old)

youmaycallmeSSP Mon 18-Mar-13 10:49:15

DD is 4 months old. I have an Ergo, which I love, but I know it will be too hot for the summer <hopeful!>. I've been looking at Mei Tais but I'm not sure if the straps might dig in or if they will be as comfortable to wear as the Ergo. The Connecta Solarweave seems like a great compromise but I'm not sure about doing back carrying so soon. Any thoughts?

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