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what sling for indoors

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pootlebug Sun 17-Mar-13 10:47:58

If they really won't tie a stretchy wrap (it isn't difficult, and you tie it then pop the baby in and out so you don't have to wrap it around them) then something like the Close Caboo carrier would probably be a good bet....same fabric as stretchy wrap but no tying involved.

The K'tan is fine but it is sized to fit the wearer so it is very rare that a couple can share.

forevergreek Sat 16-Mar-13 22:49:05

Off to search mei tai!

The sizing should be fine. Both parents are approx the same size (6ft and slim), so I'm assuming the same size will fit both

There is a sling meet but in 3 weeks, and was hoping to get one sooner (baby currently 10 days old)

nextphase Sat 16-Mar-13 19:46:56

OK, was going to suggest a stretch wrap, but you've ruled them out. What makes you think they are difficult to put on? OK it is a 2 handed job, but really, only takes seconds once you've got the knack.

For indoor, and sitting, I think you really do need something unstructured. The k'tan looks possible, but would it be adjustable enough? Both my boys were much happier in a very tight wrap - and I'm not sure how tight you'd get it, or how easy it would be to fit to a big bloke and a petite woman after each other??

Have you considered a mai tai style carrier?

Is there a sling library near you to try out some different styles without committing too much money?

forevergreek Sat 16-Mar-13 12:18:51

Hi, I am looking for a sling for some clients as a maternity nanny

They would like something to be used from newborn, as easy as possible to put on (not just a length of fabric), and mainly around the house (so when busy/ sitting down) - they also have 2 year old twins so will need baby to be as easily portable as possible.

they already have a boba 3g for outside, but its isnt really practical when sitting down etc for length of time (hope to use when working at computer etc also)

has anyone used the baby k'tan?

any ideas would be gratefully received.

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