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DON'T buy your ERGO from these scammers

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OutsideOverThere Thu 07-Mar-13 13:02:45


It looks cheap and it is - but you won't get a genuine Ergo. I'm in the middle of a chargeback with the card company now.

Just wanted to warn other people as it's about the third hit on google for Ergos.

That's all really - I am usually quite canny about this sort of thing but with post birth brain fog and sleep deprivation it all seemed to be fine, until about ten minutes later when I realised I'd been tricked.

Real Ergos are great and these ones are dangerous. So be really careful and check the approved retailed list on

pootlebug Thu 07-Mar-13 14:07:54

Can I add also beware 2nd hand ones on ebay....some of the scammers have got wise to people being suspicious of cheap new Ergos, so sell as lightly used instead. And equally any 2nd hand Ergo has the risk that the first person was conned.....fakes have been floating around for a good 3 years or so now.

OutsideOverThere Thu 07-Mar-13 16:41:35

Yes indeed - good point Pootle. I know more about this now than I ever thought I would.

Spoke to a wholesaler yesterday on the phone and he explained that Amazon is a really good way for people to pass off fake ones - basically any products listed with the same product ID code or something, get put together into the warehouse - so from various sellers - and sold randomly, unless they segregate them which some sellers make sure they do.

So you could buy something where some of them are fake and some real and just not know what you would get - and then the decentm genuine seller gets a bad press and an unhappy customer when they did nothing wrong, and it was one of the dodgy ones from Amazon's giant warehouse that got sent out.

bemybebe Mon 18-Mar-13 18:05:39

bloody hell, would have easily fooled me and as for Amazon - I am speechless. bought so much from them over the years... time to rethink

iclaudius Mon 18-Mar-13 18:09:00

Any advice on a GOOD site as with thAt web address I'd be we'll and truly conned???

BertieBotts Mon 18-Mar-13 18:12:45

I've seen that site flagged up before - I'm amazed it hasn't been removed by now as it's so well done. Is it worth complaining to Ergo themselves? They might have more of a chance of comeback as of course they're trading under their name!

iclaudius this is the official website - if you click on "Find a store" it will come up with any local stockists to you and if not you can click "Online".

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