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Sling for 12 month old

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Piemother Tue 05-Mar-13 23:30:36

You can get babywearing fleeces for front and back carrying from yoganatis in eBay for £26 grin I'm about to buy one to go on top of my ergo

pootlebug Sat 02-Mar-13 13:15:27

I carry her 95% of the time (rarely use buggy) and we walk a lot, so invested in a 'Babywearing' coat which goes over both of us when she's on my back like this . But otherwise I'd just wear a fleece or big jumper or something, and put her in warmer clothes. A big coat is just too bulky and hot, I find.

luckywinner Sat 02-Mar-13 11:05:17

Good idea to get her high. Can I ask a stupid question. What do you do with your coat when you have them on your back? Do you put the sling over it? My coat is quite bulky and I get soooo sweaty with baby, coat a bag etc

pootlebug Sat 02-Mar-13 09:18:46

Carrying a 12 month old facing forward would really hurt your back - their centre of gravity is much further from you facing out than facing in and it makes a big difference to how comfy the carry is. There aren't really any slings designed for carrying a 12 month old facing out for that reason.

Is it getting her on your back that is the problem, or carrying her there once there? I'd recommend:
- Carry her nice and high so she can see over your shoulder - with the waistband right up on your natural waist.
- Go for a walk as soon as you put her up a few times - some babies take a while to get used to being on the back but will get it in the end
- If putting her up is the problem, try it like this

Have you tried a hip carry with your ergo? Or there is a carrier called the Scootababy which is a dedicated hip carrier which would work well too

luckywinner Sat 02-Mar-13 08:01:14

I have an ergo which I love love love, but dd no longer likes facing me and I just can't get on with carrying her on my back, and she doesn't seem to like it much.

Can anyone recommend me a carrier that maybe faced forward but in my chest?

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