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Coorie size 2 measurement - can anyone help?

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Cyee Thu 28-Feb-13 17:46:42

Hi there,
I just acquired both a fleece and cotton Coorie from eBay. I took a bit of a punt on sizing because the seller didn't really know. So now I have a size 3 when I probably need a size 2. It's not ideal but I am thinking of adjusting with my sewing machine and wondered if there was anyone who would mind measuring the length of their size 2 and letting me know what it is? Mine is about 70cm.
Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide! The cotton one is fab, hopefully will allow me to keep dc3 (due next week) in bed in hosp without the tutting and slightly violent pulling up of the beds sidebars a la last time... Bad mummy smile
Thanks again,

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