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help! sling allegic baby!!

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Clarella Sun 17-Feb-13 08:47:48

I was desperate to baby wear before birth and bought a moby and boba 3g for dh.

unfortunately I had a section and though lo only 5lb found either put too much pressure on the scar. I wish now I'd gone to a meet and got a ring sling asap but it was xmas and I found walking v hard til around 5 weeks. my very windy baby got used to hanging on my shoulder in the meantime!

I did hire a ring sling at 5 weeks and tried the moby again but he had a huge thing about stretching his legs in the moby in newborn hold as well as pushing away if legs out. I've hired a caboo dx and got a baby hawk which now at 10 wks he'll go in if asleep but it's armegeddon if even a little awake!

he's always gone in the boba but in his snow suit which puts him to sleep instantly, though he does do this thing now of a big cry and fight first.

the sling meet people tend to say all babies like being carried in a sling or its not tight enough. I definitely get them tight enough!

shall I persist? only try ewhen asleep? will he be more amenable when better head control?

my back is killing me carrying him on my shoulder!!

Indith Wed 20-Feb-13 06:43:01

He might well prefer a wrap, snuggles them better than a MT when little and easier to look around even when little.

I have a peanut shell but my boys hated being in cradle so only dd used it when little. Still use it now though for hip carries on nursery run and so on.

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