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Moving on from moby

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nextphase Thu 31-Jan-13 19:56:18

My first thought was a ring sling.
Not tried one tho, and a mei tai would spread the weight over both shoulders.

My 'local' sling meet will loan via post. This is how I'm going to borrow (their suggestion) a sling for our holidays to carry our 14kg and 11 kg kids (one at a time!)

MyNameIsSuz Thu 31-Jan-13 12:14:20

Ds is 4 months and almost 14lb (petite, but quite long) and we've been using a moby wrap since birth. Before he was born I thought we would be out in it all the time, but actually we only use it if he's saying put - so not to walk to groups, friend's houses etc - as it's so tricky to wrap myself in properly and stuff him into without a mirror. I probably needed more practice when he was tiny and less squirmy!

I think he'll be too heavy for it soon and have started looking for our next sling, so some advice would be appreciated. I want something:
- similar to the moby in terms of comfort, i do really like the wrap types
- easier to get in and out of in public
- I can wear on the front now and the back later
- if possible, can work for me (5'2" and size 10) and dh (all 20 stone of him!)

I'm quite taken with the idea of a mei tai. Unfortunately i live nowhere near a sling meet or library so am going to have to go off reviews and recommendations. Would a mei tai meet my requirements? Are the cheaper ones any good? Which brand should i go for? Where is the best place to find one?

Sorry this has turned into a bit of an essay!

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