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Carrier for newborn, needs to be fairly idiot proof

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BlueAndRedMakePurple Fri 08-Feb-13 21:20:24

I think you cant beat a connecta for simplicity

puddock Thu 07-Feb-13 11:03:33

Stretchy wraps such as moby are a good choice with a newborn. If you definitely want a buckle carrier, have a look at Connecta (sold at e.g. will help you with places to buy second-hand, and will help you find a sling meet or sling library near you.

beckslovestimmy Thu 07-Feb-13 10:58:52

I went to a sling library meet yesterday convinced I wanted a structured carrier, the lady convinced me to try a stretchy wrap and I loved it, ended up hiring a boba and a Kari-me for 2 weeks for £10, have been using it around the house, my baby loves it and falls asleep or is just content being held close, were off for our first walk today. I should be good as it's snuggly and warm for baby and me and I won't have to faff with a coat or snow suit for baby. Can't recommend the sling library highly enough great advice and brilliant to be able to try before you buy.

AngelDog Tue 29-Jan-13 23:27:23

I don't like the Close - was only good up till 5 months or so, sagged a lot and was embarassing for DH (long swags of fabric trailing down). Plus you can't use it on your back. It's DS2's least preferred sling of our three so we only use it when our Connecta needs washing. smile The Ergo is good too, though we've not got the newborn insert.

RooneyMara Tue 29-Jan-13 16:08:08

Is it for going out walking, or just for around the house or both?

The Caboo/Close wrap is great for both, but I prefer the Ergo with newborn insert for walking a lot as it doesn't sag and give like I find with the Close. It stays where you put it!

Bit ££ though.

BertieBotts Tue 29-Jan-13 16:06:14

Close carrier? (I think it's called the Caboo now) - similar to a wrap but even easier to adjust etc.

The stokke looks very similar to the baby bjorn, if you already have a bjorn, I wouldn't get that.

ellangirl Tue 29-Jan-13 16:03:54

Toy?? I meant tiny, obviously!

ellangirl Tue 29-Jan-13 16:03:03

A moby for me is the only thing for a newborn, encourages natural positioning and is dead comfy for you too. I was horrified to see a toy baby facing outwards in a baby bjorn the other day- looked properly uncomfortable for his hips.

cheddarcheeselover Sat 26-Jan-13 23:04:02

Trying some out is a good idea, but I'd really recommend a moby. It's a stretchy wrap, but it's so so simple, it totally converted me and a friend who were both totally wrap-phobic with our first children!

AngelDog Sat 26-Jan-13 22:51:46

Definitely agree. If there's no library near you, lots of companies do sling hire so you can try things out.

pootlebug Sat 26-Jan-13 18:53:41

Are you near a sling library? Different things work for different people and that way you could try a few out or see them in action which might help you decide. I run a library and fairly often have people arrive determined they want a buckle carrier and leave with a long wrap, or vice versa. It's hard to know without seeing things in person.

Twattybollocks Sat 26-Jan-13 16:05:13

I had a bjorn last time but I understand they aren't the best. need something that will fit my broad shoulders and long torso, carry a small newborn (prob around 6.5lb) and not make my back and shoulders bleed or my brain hurt when I work out how to take it on/off!
Is the stokke one any good?

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