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Babywearing poncho?

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AngelDog Sat 26-Jan-13 23:07:36

Thanks, that's really useful to know. I was thinking of a poncho as I thought they'd be less likely to wake the baby than most of the coats I've seen. Now I just need to work out whether I can afford it. wink

pootlebug Sat 26-Jan-13 15:47:04

I have the Cali Calo Stella jacket (Maverick Baby sell them). It is a bit more expensive than some ponchos, but can be used front and back. The main feature I really like about it is that instead of having to put the baby's head through a hole in the fabric in a back carry - which in my experience nearly always wakes them up when you take it off and knocks their woolly hat off when you put it on - the coat goes on and off like a normal coat and then press studs fasten it at the back of your neck. You can see what I mean in the 2nd picture here

AngelDog Fri 25-Jan-13 19:10:52

Any suggestions which is good (or not)?

I want something warm I can put over DS2 and me when we're out and he's on m back, but that I can take off again when we come indoors without having to get him out. I was going to get a cover like the Hoppediz one, but that'd mean me keeping my coat on.

Front carries are fine as I just wear my maternity coat, but it's much harder to deal with DS1 when DS2 is on my front.

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