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Back carry with Connecta (or similar)

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AngelDog Fri 25-Jan-13 19:08:38

I think it fits him better front-wise shortened, so that's probably it. I'm pretty sure I had it on right, though I'll check before I try again.

I remembered my Ergo in the end, so have had him in that - much better. The top rail supports his head well and he can see out over the top.

I'd not have had DS1 on my back this young, but DS2 has fantastic head & upper body control.

pootlebug Fri 25-Jan-13 17:26:51

How does he fit into it on your front? It could just be that he's still small to fit into it without rolling the waistband over.

Did you put it on correctly - i.e. upside down to begin with like an apron?

Personally I would only back carry in a woven wrap before about 5 months as I don't think you can get good enough head support in a buckle carrier.

AngelDog Thu 24-Jan-13 20:11:55

I put 14w.o. DS2 on my back for the first time today, which seemed to work (well, he went to sleep smile). However, he seemed to be slumped really low down - I didn't need the sleep hood as his head was below the top 'rail' of the sling. I'm sure that's not right. He's young, but 75th centile so hardly tiny and it says you can use from 4 months.

What could I be doing wrong? It also felt very saggy & gaping under his bottom. I didn't use the accessory strap to shorten the bit under his bum - maybe that would have helped?

I've been thinking of getting one of those babywearing coats as we swir=tch from outside to inside a lot, but I'm sure it would have suffocated him the way he was in it today. confused

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