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Back carriers - come and talk to me about them please!

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blushingmare Sun 20-Jan-13 21:08:21

We are going to New Zealand next month with our dd, who will be 9 months grin

We plan on doing a bit of walking - think signposted trails with good paths for 2-3 hours, rather than full day hikes involving compasses and crampons!! So obviously we need to be able to carry dd with us.

I have a stretchy wrap sling, which I love and dd virtually lived in it for the first 4 months. But since starting to sleep in her pram, I haven't really used a sling much at all. I have a mei tai, but find it a bit of a faff to put on tbh. I was thinking a back carrier would be best for our holiday as should be more comfortable for walking long distances and possibly better for dd to be facing forward now she's older and a bit more nosey!

But what are the options for back carriers? Should we get one of those big back pack type things or will she be too small or that and are they comfy (for us and baby)? She is 7.6kg at the moment. Is she likely to snooze in a back carrier or are they not snuggly enough for that?

Would appreciate people's opinions and experiences of back carriers and how your DCs have got on with them and some suggestions on different models.

Thank you!

blushingmare Sun 20-Jan-13 21:51:58

Sorry - I don't know why it posted twice blush

AndMiffyWentToSleep Sun 20-Jan-13 21:57:44

What about a Connecta? Like a mei tai but with buckles instead of ties. I prefer it as a back carry rather than as a front carrier.

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