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Baby backpack for hiking

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TheFunPolice Mon 14-Jan-13 08:27:04

I'm keen to get back to traipsing up my lovely hills and starting to think about doing some short hikes. However in a few months I'd like to be hiking 'properly' again.
Can any of you lovely people offer some recommendations please? I was thinking about s Littlelife voyager/cross country or a Macpac possum. I like the fact of being able to put these on and off by myself, and also the mirror.

lljkk Mon 14-Jan-13 11:34:20

I had a MacPac, can recommend but DH didn't care for it.
Look closely at the carrier's own weight, we mostly used a Tomy Dreamrider for our big hikes (including carting a 20-month old up Ben Nevis).

TinyTear Tue 09-Apr-13 13:43:47

We have the Deuter Kid Comfort 3
it's great, have done a 13k walk with it once and if it wasn't starting to snow could have gone longer (with a 14 month old)

We thought the littlelife was ok if the baby was awake but not as good for naps, the Deuter has a removable cushion we can slot in when she naps.
also the Deuter can pop out a thingy for stabilising when putting her on and off...

But for the Deuter, the III is the best one, the 2 wasn't as good.

The Osprey Poco Premium was the other option we were going to go for but got a good price on the Deuter 3

Cyee Wed 10-Apr-13 17:36:51

We used the macpac vamoose and can recommend it. In fact we have two smile Happy hiking.

pootlebug Thu 11-Apr-13 12:37:56

I hike with a soft structured carrier or woven wrap rather than a backpack. Admittedly you can't store stuff in it the way you can a framed carrier, but if there are two of you, one carries the baby and the other carries most of the stuff.

The advantages for me are:
- most hiking backpacks are made to fit blokes...I am quite small and have never found one that fits me properly
- they tend to hold the baby further from your centre of gravity, so feel much heavier
- they are heavier in themselves, again adding to weight
- they are massive when baby isn't in them, while other carriers pack down small
- also more useful when your 'baby' is actually walking a good bit of the can have a toddler/preschool carrier in a bag and just carry them once they get tired.

HappyJoyful Thu 11-Apr-13 12:40:08

How old is child ? We've borrowed a friends littlelife one and loved it and so dd 1.5yr old last summer.

EssieW Thu 11-Apr-13 12:45:08

We had a little life which was great. No problem with naps etc.

Beware of soft carriers though. I have used my ergo for hiking but child is much less protected if you fall. The other carriers seem to be designed with a crumple zone at the bottom and protects the body. I fell over on ice once with our little life - child completely fine. That would not have been the case with a soft carrier. Also they're not waterproof

Anja1Cam Thu 11-Apr-13 12:50:12

We used a Bushbaby Lite and it was great, I can recommend it and it's very adjustable - easily/quickly adjustable for height when switching between carriers too. Bushbaby also do a more serious version with sun hood, stirrups and rain cover which might suit you better.

One feature to look for - that it stands up by itself when not being carried, which makes 'loading' so much easier!

TinyTear Thu 11-Apr-13 13:23:38

Yes the Deuter stands up by itself.

It also has a fully adjustable back and it's really easy to change from my settings (1.63m) to my husband (1.80m)

HappyJoyful Thu 11-Apr-13 13:44:45

The littlelite we used had a foot/boot hole to hold it up for loading and 2 handles which I recall finding really useful for 'loading'

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