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is a stretchy wrap better than woven for a newborn?

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peanutMD Thu 03-Jan-13 20:58:47

I have a Smith-Firm hybrid woven wrap for DC2 but notice that stretchy wraps seem to be popular for newborn, are there any benefits of using the latter our are they the same?

babybouncer Thu 03-Jan-13 22:37:42

I always used my Ella Roo (woven) and loved that it didn't stretch and sag.

attheendoftheday Fri 04-Jan-13 20:22:46

I was just coming on to start a similar thread! I used an ellaroo woven wrap for dd1, I'm wondering if it would be good to have a stretchy wrap for dd2 who's due in a few weeks so I could just stick it on in the morning and take dd2 in and out as required (dd1 is a very active 19 month old so I think dd2 may have to go in a sling quite a bit).

Did anyone else manage ok with a woven wrap from newborn or is a stretchy wrap a good investment?

Jeggie Fri 04-Jan-13 21:28:34

I think woven would be better, just harder to learn how to use. I had a moby for my newborn but didn't really love it. It's soft etc but I really felt it was too hot and I think I wasn't confident with doing it as tight as it needed to be. They def aren't comfy by 4-6m as sag/ stretch although I did use at 8m in emergency... Got backache but it did job. I have a woven wrap now (hoppediz) and I cant wait to use with my next nb - I'm positive it will be much better than moby. I also have a Mei tai (baby hawk delux) which I love love love for my 1yo but don't think would be good for nb. Woven wraps ARE trickier though, but practice makes perfect very quickly in my experience. Hoppediz come with great instructions.

cakeandcava Tue 08-Jan-13 10:48:33

I think stretchy wraps are 'easier', and can stay on all day, which makes them ideal 'beginner wraps', but they are not necessarily better (or worse) At least that was what I was told -I have a Kari Me (stretchy) for my 11 week old DS, and we both love it. It's very snug and tight, and I've not noticed any problems with sagging, but he is still quite small I suppose. I'm planning on moving on to a woven wrap in a few months time when he is a bit bigger and I'm more confident with wrapping.

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