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recommend me a sling please

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Nicknamegrief Fri 04-Jan-13 04:27:27

Mei tai given his age.

rednellie Fri 04-Jan-13 04:12:01

I got a storchenwiege wrap off ebay. Carried dd on front and back. Very very comfortable and supportive. The material is much stronger than other wraps so doesn't sag. Very useful if you're going on long walks.

babybouncer Thu 03-Jan-13 22:35:54

I have an ellaroo and I love it. I carried dd on my front for ages but haven't carried her on my back yet just because of the rubbish weather. But I bought it from dsil who always carried dn on her back and raved about it.

potas Thu 03-Jan-13 20:14:54

Hi. I'm wanting to try one of those wrap style slings with my baby -he is almost 6 months old. I have a bushbaby front carrier which he loves but like the idea of having him closer to my body. Do they give enough support for energetic walks, can I put him on my back with these? Are there any other more structured slings that anyone would recommend? Thanks

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