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recommendations for a backpack style carrier?

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JammySplodger Thu 27-Dec-12 14:30:13

We have a bushbaby carrier which has done us very nicely. It's comfy for both DH and me, with adjustable back height (I wear it much higher up than he does) and has been very comfy (and adjustable) for both DSs. They've been happy in it from about 6m and we still use it for DS2 at 2.5yrs. A rain cover and sunshade are useful, as is internal space for nappy bag, waterproofs, lunch etc. If you'll be wearing it alot, it's worth spending a little more so you're both comfy.

BigBoPeep Thu 27-Dec-12 12:23:40

so far I've done the baby wearing thing - slings were great, but she's a very large baby (9mo but as big as most toddlers!?) and now really rebels against being worn too close to me. buggies are impossible most places I go though.

Currently have a manduca which is great for front carrying when she's tired/submissive enough, but is very uncomfortable for me when worn on the back despite endless fiddling - it just doesnt seem to fit me that way!

i really need her on my back for my sheep related jobs, and she prefers to be there to see what's going on. I also do not feel confident doing a back carry by myself in the manduca and once she's in, thats it, so if her hat blows off once I'm out in the fields, i cant get to her.

I need one that's not too restrictive for her so one she can sit in rather than being strapped to me iyswim, and one you can operate alone and is designed to go on your back/for larger babies.

...does it exist? there's a million and one on the market, no idea where to start...

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