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sling recommendations for small baby

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bonzo77 Mon 24-Dec-12 21:58:22

DS2 is a bit small (probably very nearly 6lb now) and 2 weeks old, born 4 weeks prem. He's a bit clingy (as he should be at this age), but I need my hands free a for DS1. DS2 is too small for the baby bjorn, which I never liked anyway. I always felt like the baby was not properly supported and the whole thing moved too much. I'm fairly small (5ft2, slimish build) and I think I want something very adjustable and comfortable, that will hold the baby quite snug against me so I feel secure doing things like the laundry without worrying he'll fall out. I probably won't use it long term, but need something asap which will be comfy. If we love it and DS2 somehow grows out of it we can move on to something else. this looks like it might be OK. Any thoughts?

firstbubba Mon 24-Dec-12 22:07:24

Ergo with the baby insert

zgaze Mon 24-Dec-12 22:13:15

Any stretchy wrap - Kari-me, Moby, boba wrap. Loads of videos on YouTube showing you how to tie. It's a doddle once you're used to it.

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Mon 24-Dec-12 22:30:06

Stretchy wrap is perfect, loved using mine until dd2 was about 7 months and strong enough to arch out of it. Mine was Joy and Joe. I am 5ft1 and managed to do cleaning, hoovering, washing up, breastfeeding and run around after my then two year old, wouldn't have been without it.

bonzo77 Mon 24-Dec-12 22:55:59

thanks. are the cheap stretchy ones as good as the branded ones? I can't see what you get from a Moby / Kari-me that I can't get in the joy and joe, or the ones on ebay.

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Mon 24-Dec-12 23:13:26

I haven't tried a Moby so can't compare, but Joe and Joe ones are safety tested
And I used mine every day for 7 months and it is still in great condition.

AmandaCooper Mon 24-Dec-12 23:56:32

The Ergo always gets rave reviews, but it looks like something you'd wear to hike up a mountain, along with some sturdy boots and an anorak. Is it really practical/comfortable to wear round the house?

DontYouJingleMyChristingle Tue 25-Dec-12 00:08:10

I have a Manduca now which is similar to the Ergo and it is great, it has recently saved my sanity as I have put my 10month old in it twice now when she refused to submit sleep in the night and fallen asleep sitting up with her in it.

It is very comfortable, particularly for babies above 6 months as the straps are well padded and the weight is distributed between your hips with the waist belt and your shoulders.

They are lighter weight than they look and you can do a back carry with older babies, so you can at a push cook wearing it, although not advised.

For a smaller baby I would still go for the stretchy wrap though.

aprilrain Tue 25-Dec-12 00:15:35

I have a Boba stretchy wrap. Went for a stretchy specifically because of having a small premature baby - 3lb 4 at birth, wore her in the wrap from the start. She is now 9 months, 14 lb and we still use itvevery day. Love it.

bonzo77 Tue 25-Dec-12 10:45:50

Thank you. You've been most helpful. Going to get a cheapie stretchy one for now, and might get something else if we grow out of it.

ishchel Tue 25-Dec-12 17:34:29

Some cheap stretchy wraps are cheap and nasty. Ie fabric waay too thin. Google Victoria Slinglady. I have seen her stretchy wraps and a friend carrie her 8 mo old in one. Cheaper and can recommend.

Flatasawitchestit Tue 25-Dec-12 17:38:03

I got recommended a moby one on here and its the best money I've ever spent! My baby is still small and likes to be carried, this sling allows me to get on with day to day things and her still be content. I got it next day from amazon I think it was £44 all in.

bonzo77 Tue 25-Dec-12 18:36:41

ischel I saw the Victoria Sling lady site and was thinking either of hers or the j&j ones mentioned up thread. Anyone know how they compare?

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