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best (but cheap) place to buy stretch wrap?

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jinglebellyalltheway Thu 27-Dec-12 01:20:07

I mean I don't think mai tai and buckle carriers look right on a newborn even when they say they're suitable from birth, their little heads seem too low and they look wrong to me

I don't like how wrap slings look, I just think they look more comfy for newborns, but will be glad to switch when I've a bigger baby

jinglebellyalltheway Thu 27-Dec-12 01:17:30

"and that's assuming you have lost enough weight for the reduced size to wrap around you in the first place!"

shock I'm not small, I've gained loads of weight this pregnancy, will a victoria sling lady sling not fit me?? how embarrassing!

I want to switch to a mai tai or buckle carrier once the newborn bit is over, I don't like flappy tie-ey slings in general but don't think they look right with newborns even though they say you can use from newborn so want a stretch to hold the baby nice and close when it's v.v. little - I think teeny ones look more comfortable in a stretch wrap, I don't need months of use out of it

but never thought you had to be slim for them blush - I'm not!

zeeboo Thu 27-Dec-12 00:38:22

Another BIG vote for the SaBe. I had that and a Moby and much preferred the SaBe. It was firmer, needed less adjusting, and easier to wrap with in a hurry.

noseynoonoo Thu 27-Dec-12 00:26:57

jingle Yes there is a good reason to pay double to buy a 'proper' one. The Victoria Lady ones are thinner material and narrower/shorter than a Moby. This means that it will last for a much shorter time - so you save some money in the short term but then stop using it quite quickly because it can't take the weight and it is uncomfortable - and that's assuming you have lost enough weight for the reduced size to wrap around you in the first place! I also found the stretchiness to be an advantage. I didn't have to wrap it up exactly right because it would stretch to the right fit.

I went to a Baby Fair recently and there was a woman selling Mobys next to a woman selling unbranded ones. The latter lady was reluctant to let me compare the two but it was obvious that one was 'quality' and the other was a just a length of fabric IYKWIM.

CeeeeHo Sat 22-Dec-12 07:51:56

I have one of these: - I have the red and white spotty one!

It is less stretchy than some of the other wraps, which is good as it doesn't sag so much with longer use. It is still ok to use with a newborn, but can be used when they get bigger, so it has been good value for money (and was relatively inexpensive to start with).

Wrigglebum Sat 22-Dec-12 07:30:26

Yes, I got a VSL after a recommendation on here and it was great. Tbh I only used my stretchy for a couple of months before moving onto a connecta, Manduca and woven wrap, so I'm pleased I didn't spend a lot.

jinglebellyalltheway Fri 21-Dec-12 21:20:31

thank you! sling buying is not easy, so many pitfalls!

Nicknamenotavailableeither Fri 21-Dec-12 19:19:57

I've heard (although not used myself) that Victoria sling lady is good for the price. So probably worth giving that a go if you want a stretchy wrap. smile

jinglebellyalltheway Fri 21-Dec-12 14:06:48

ebay? (how to spot dodgy ones and fakes?)

victoria sling lady?

is there any good reason to pay DOUBLE to get a "proper" Moby?



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